We Need #CEDAWnow! Join GLI in Demanding An End to Sexism Around the World

CEDAW, the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, is as international human rights treaty that focuses on women’s rights. It provides a universal definition of discrimination against women so that those who choose to discriminate of the basis of sex can no longer claim that a clear definition does not exist. It also calls for action to eliminate gender bias in areas including politics, law, employment, education and health care. As of October, 2013, 187 nations out of 194 member states of that UN have approved this convention or treaty. The United States has not, putting us in the company of countries like South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia and Iran. This simply isn’t okay. We need #CEDAWnow.

As a leading advocate for human rights, the US has compelling interest to improve its conditions for women, and as girls, so do you. Let your government officials know you are serious about CEDAW. Join GLI in contacting senators in YOUR state about ratifying CEDAW by signing our petition at bit.ly/cedawgli and tweeting your support with the tag #CEDAWnow.

If you’ve already signed, you can help by spreading the word! Here are some sample tweets and FB posts:


  1. I took a step toward ending gender inequality in the US today and told my Senator we need #CEDAWnow! bit.ly/cedawgli
  2. We need #CEDAWnow for women and girls! Show your support: bit.ly/cedawgli
  3. The US is the ONLY industrialized nation that has not passed CEDAW to protect women’s rights. Not okay. #CEDAWnow: bit.ly/cedawgli
  4. Our government should protect and respect US women. We need #CEDAWnow: bit.ly/cedawgli


The Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women is essential to the future of women’s rights in this country, and it can start with you! Join Girls Learn International in our campaign to bring CEDAW to the Senate floor for a vote by sending a letter to your Senators. Go to bit.ly/cedawgli to take action and show we need #CEDAWnow.

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